Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Exploding Poo: Part 2

We've gone through quite a few onesies (5 to be exact) today and it's not even 2 pm. A few were spit up on and a couple were poo-sploded on.

Ava and I went to the new moms group at the hospital where she was born today. It was nice to be out of the house and to be around other moms with their babies. Soon after we got there, I heard it. My baby has audible poops, must take after her father, and this one was no different. She was sleeping and stayed asleep so I figured it must have sounded worse than it was since it didn't seem to bother her. The minute she stirred, I got her out of her car seat to see that I was wrong. It wasn't that bad but it definitely called for a new outfit, which is too bad because her first outfit was so cute.

Then we got home. Fredo was holding Ava and heard the unmistakable sound of our baby crapping her pants. I took her to her room, laid her on her changing table, began to undress her and promptly called for back up. She had poo all over her back. While trying to figure out the best way to get her onesie off without getting poo everywhere, we had the following conversation.

Me: I feel like we should just cut it off.

Fredo: It's just poop, not like it's a gunshot wound or something.

I found that hysterical. I'm still laughing about it.


CaraBee said...

That's hysterical!! Some friends of mine actually did cut a onesie off because they didn't want to get poop on their son's head. I would probably have done the same.

PS - Can Fredo come talk to Neil about poop not being a big deal? The other day he woke me from a nap (huge No-no) to tell me that Sophie had pooped and he didn't think he could take changing the diaper because it smelled so bad. I said "Get the f*ck back in there and change that god damned diaper. NOW!" He did and I went back to sleep.

Fluffy Windover said...

Hahaha, friends of ours used to cut onesies off of their kid all the time.

E... said...

I am so glad those days of five outfits or more are mostly behind me. Although N. did have a blowout today, right before I was about to leave the house. Even though I changed all of her clothes, I was still not quite sure if she might stink a bit. I got all paranoid, like: did I get it on myself? Is that the smell? Or is it just lingering in the room, or is my nose just coated with poop molecules. I solved the problem by rubbing down her back with some moisturizing antibacterial lotion, and later told myself that was really weird. I wanted to get to Kohl's, dammit. PS: I gave her a bath before bed.