Wednesday, October 1, 2008

5 Days

Fredo and I have been parents for 5 days now. How weird. We're getting used to it but there are some things we're having trouble adjusting to, like NO SLEEP!! The baby has actually let us get some sleep, but definitely not what we were used to. Fredo's been great about getting up at night and all. I've been trying to breast feed in bed when she wakes up in the middle of the night but I'm not sure how I'm liking that so far. We're, obviously, still trying to work out the kinks.

In other baby news, she had her first pediatrician appointment yesterday and lost about a lb. since leaving the hospital. The doctor didn't seem concerned but mentioned we may have to supplement with formula if she continued to lose weight. We go back tomorrow for another weigh in. In the meantime, I've been feeding her like crazy...which works out well because my milk came in and my boobs are SORE.

Every day has been something different and will continue to be. It's unpredictable but I'm just so glad our little peanut is finally here.


CaraBee said...

Oh, those first days are such an adjustment! It will get easier. I never got the hang of the side-laying feeding. I always had to sit up and put the boppy underneath her, which hurt my tender girlparts like crazy but it was all I could do. It is totally normal for a baby to lose weight the first few days, so don't worry too much about that. As long as she is eating, peeing and pooping, you're going in the right direction.

Bailey said...

I haven't tried the side lying position yet. I'm afraid I will fall asleep if I do!

CaraBee said...

How did today's weigh in go?

MEP said...

Both my boys lost weight in early days. Don't beat yourself up if you have to supplement . . . it's no biggie and kind of a relief to you to know there are other options--a bottle of formula, a bottle of breast milk, anything that doesn't involve your anatomy--even if you don't need them. (That's just my two cents).

I can breastfed in bed on the left side only for some reason, but I prefer to be in the chair, upright, and with a bobby (I have three of them, one on each floor).

Everything gets easier, I promise.